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    Current requests for The History League
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    • ada lovelace programmers
    • Air Churchill
    • American Blockades
    • American Doughboys
    • Anasazi Phantoms
    • Anything Ronald Reagan
    • Babbage Programmers
    • Barbarian Tribes vs greece
    • Bay of Pigs
    • British Unsinkables
    • Byzantines
    • Carpet Baggers
    • Chesapeake Ironclads
    • Curie X-Rays
    • D.C. Ununited (referring to the Civil War)
    • Defenestrators of Prague
    • Egyptian Tomb Raiders
    • Eldorado Conquistadors
    • Emacs vs. vi
    • Falkland Conflict
    • Franz Kafka
    • French Chevaliers
    • Gallipoli Anzacs
    • Genghis khan and his Mongol hordes
    • GOP v. Progress (Since 1856)
    • Grace Hopper Debuggers
    • Gutenberg Presses
    • Hatshepsut Obelisk Builders
    • Hatsheptsut Strap Ons (with a pharaonic beard and maybe a chicks head) v. Tutmose Tykes (with a child in an oversized pharaonic crown)
    • Herodotus v Thucydides Fathers of History
    • Inquisitors of Torquemada
    • Isembard Kingdom Brunel Steam Engines
    • Jabir bin Hayan Chemists
    • Jacksonian Democrats
    • Light Brigade Chargers
    • Machiavellis Leviathans
    • Machiavellis Princes
    • Magna Carta
    • Manhattan Project
    • Medieval Barbers
    • Meiji Restoration
    • Muckrakers
    • NASAs Eagles
    • Occams razor
    • okugawa Shogunate
    • Ottoman Janissaries
    • Philosophers of Greece
    • Pompeii Volcanos
    • Prohibition Bootleggers
    • Renaissance Men of Florence
    • Robert Hooke vs Isaac Newton
    • Robespierre Bathtub Revolutionaries
    • Ronald Reagan and Star wars
    • Salem witch trials
    • Socrates vs Hemlock
    • Soviet Sputniks
    • Susan B. Anthony Suffragettes
    • T. Sherman Infernos
    • Teetotalers
    • The Apollo Moonlanders
    • The Aztec Jaguars
    • The Berlin Wall
    • The Bikini Nukes
    • The Darwin Beagles
    • The French Resistance
    • The Industrial Revolution
    • The Jackson Stonewalls
    • The Lindbergh Babies
    • The Lorenz Machines (vs Colossus)
    • The Luddites vs The Industrial Revolution
    • The Malta Hospitallers
    • The Nasca Flyers
    • The Pequod Whalers
    • the Pinkerton Guards
    • The Ramases Eternals
    • The Rothschild Bankers
    • The Silver Conquistadors of Iberia
    • The Spanish Armada versus The English Fire Ships
    • The Terra Cotta Warriors
    • Trinity Splitters
    • Visigoth Sackers
    • Whigs vs. Tories
    • Witchfinder champion
    • Wright First Flyers

    Between all of the sites in the Amorphia Family I've got a few hundred requests total and I'm not the fastest worker in the world, so it might be a while before your request sees print. On the plus side, I fulfill requests in no particular order except what I feel like doing today, so hey you never know, you might see your design tomorrow!