Digital direct and You

So, here's the deal, I normally use "Plot Printing" printing on all my shirts, which is where sheets of polyurethane material are cut into shapes by a machine and heat pressed onto the shirt. But that printing process has a few disadvantages, first you can't print more than three solid colors (and even then three color prints are so expensive I really hate using them), and you can't have any fine details or gradients (since the machines can't cut them out).
Each of those disadvantages would mean these History League designs wouldn't be printable using my usual process. Because of this I'm experimenting with a new "Digital Direct" printing option. This new printing method is only being used with my new History League lineup, the other shops shant be affected.
With Digital Direct printing the design is sprayed directly onto the apparel by our Digital Direct machines. This printing technique produces something of a "vintage" look, which I think works well thematically with this lineup, but I just wanted to give my customers a heads up that the designs will look somewhat washed-out compared to my usual plot printed t-shirts. Also as Digital Direct is a relatively new printing technique, we are not able to print on all of the different product types in the designer.
Bottom line, I'd love to hear what you think of the new Digital Direct pritning!